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About Us

Peanut & Piglette is a retailer of custom invitations, stationery, and personalized gifts based in Greensboro, North Carolina, that was founded by Ashley Anderson in 2011. After attending a baby shower that featured handmade decorations from a popular Etsy shop, Ashley had an “I can do that” moment, and Peanut & Piglette was born!

What started out as a party décor business has expanded as friends and customers have suggested new products and new themes over the years. Our line now includes a wide variety of customizable invitations, stationery, our hugely popular stickers (they are the new calling cards for busy moms!), and unique personalized gift items. And, it just keeps growing!

We rely on our customers to suggest new stuff! Those emails that say, “Can you do this?” have been the start of many of our designs. Our goal is to create fun, unique designs using high-quality materials to make that perfect invitation, adorable stationery, and splurge-worthy gifts.

All of our products are designed, printed/assembled, and packaged by hand in our home-based studio.


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and quality and hope that you see that in every piece we create just for you.

We believe in creating the perfect invitation for your special event, stationery for that extra special friend, and personalized stickers for every kiddo on your list. We want our designs to fit the person we create them for—to reflect their special personality!

We believe in fun, useful gifts that show the recipient you’ve given extra special thought to finding something perfect just for them.

We believe in splurging on items that can be enjoyed every day, whether it’s a special tray for your best friend’s new coffee table or a custom notepad holder for writing notes to the teacher.

We want you to be absolutely thrilled with your purchase.


Ashley Anderson is the one-woman show behind Peanut & Piglette. She started Peanut & Piglette as a creative outlet after her husband encouraged her to “try to make some money off of all of those craft projects” she was always tackling. She loves hearing from customers, listening to their feedback, and creating products that she believes in—products that she uses herself, and gifts that she’s proud to give to her friends and family.

Please take a look around, and let us know if we can help you in any way. We are NOT a big company, and you are NOT just a customer. When you Contact Us, you’ll hear back right away. We know that we cannot compete with the production speed of the big corporate sites out there, but we hope you find that our personal touch and unique handmade products are worth the little extra wait! (Visit our FAQ page to see our estimated production times and shipping options.)


Ashley was a full-time editor in the days before she had children, and she cannot resist explaining the need for a misspelling in the name of her company. Ashley wanted to use her nicknames for her two kids, but ran into an interesting predicament when she tried to register her company name.

Yes, we are well aware that “Piglette” is not spelled with that extra -te on the end. (Professional editor, remember?) However, it seems that a certain REALLY large company with a big mouse as its spokesman (you know the one?) happens to own the rights to the word when it is spelled correctly. Can you believe that?! Something to do with that little pink fellow whose best friend is a large yellow bear that likes honey. Now, we’re fairly certain that every farm in the world has the right to identify their baby pigs without risk of copyright infringement, but our lawyers wisely suggested that we choose a name that steers clear of any potential conflicts. Not wanting to change to a totally different word since it was supposed to be based on her son’s nickname, she decided to create a varied spelling of the word.

During this time, Ashley’s former French teacher and dear friend passed away after a very brave battle with cancer. With that on her mind, the “Franglais” spelling of the word piglet was born. (We know it’s not the real word for piglet in French, but we think Nanette would laugh and roll her eyes if she could see it.)

Ever the editor at heart, Ashley confesses that it made her cringe when she wrote it the first few times, but now it makes her smile. And, it’s a fun story to tell.

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